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When a sweet baby is brought home, he must have a sweet nursery where he can feel protected. With his dear ones here he must feel comfortable, because he will spend lots of hours, playing with noisy toys and cute stuffed animals, sleeping in the arms , hearing sweet lullabies and giggling adorable sound from his colorful crib. For today you are hired as a nursery decorator. When decorating such a sweet nursery, the sweetest room in the house, you need to put some feelings in the nursery's preparations. From choosing the colors for the walls, some cute, cartoon drawings perhaps, to the fabric from your curtain, every decision is important. This sweet baby will feel amazing in the room you are decorating with so much love. Use your creativity and your great sense of colors and mix and match colors and furniture items. First of all you need a nice but safe crib for the baby to play and sleep, than a cupboard to keep all the special powders, lotions and oils for his sensitive skin. Also, bright light might distur b him, so find a cute, childish lamp. At the same time, remember that when he is very tired he will fall asleep instantly in his mom's arms and she will really need a comfy chair, rocking chair is it's possibles for the nights when he won't be able to sleep. All I can say is that you've done an amazing job with sweet nursery. Everything is perfectly arranged, the pastel colors are a tremendous choice and the toys are adorable. You such a talented room decorator. If you would learn a sweet lullaby, you would be hired as a baby sitter to. Enjoy the day as great decorator! ;-)

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